Our Mission and Our Vision:

One St. Anne's dedicates itself to the development of vibrant and engaging programs and events. Steeped deeply in the spirit of the Sisters and our St. Anne's heritage as a welcoming place for all, One St. Anne's seeks to foster a unified community with many interesting and diverse components - all of which have a meaningful, valued voice and a stake in enriching and enlivening St. Anne's.

The programs of One St. Anne's thoughtfully support the traditions and values of our school as reflected in the St. Anne's mission statement and in the committee's own mission to:

recognize and embrace a more globalized world

cultivate a safe and welcoming environment for all the members of the St. Anne's community and the community at large

build character and integrity by valuing individual and group similarities and differences

respect the perspectives of others, seek to open communication and reach out to all

As our school and our world grow and change, our heritage and tradition of a welcoming and inclusive spirit will be protected and nurtured through the work and the vision of the One St. Anne's committee.

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